Theory of relativity by universal trips

We’re thinking some phase for example let consider your self as a Brain that recall every memories in just small part of second (for for ur understanding Speed of light ,an electric charge that start other neuronz network to take information From ur past and remember the video or data that stored in ur brain provide u in present ) its just like computer recall process, we are natural computer we had programmed from our birth we’ve big hard disk like ur brain (billion or tb data from big big type theory or all plants, cell information u eat plants or animal’s the animal’s memory all a part of ur live its just like a u eat Billions of dead cell and u make that things alive in our body gradually ..😉…ur parents also do this process 😁 before ur birth when u inside in parents…. lol 🙄 ur just Lucky that u change ur foam of ur energy that energy We consider ….and we say that energy is mass or mass is energy e=mc².. the hole meaning of this comment is ur just ur Around ness.. where u sit where u now, that is ur vison u r in every part of this universe becoz ur the subuniverse of this universe i.e Neverendeduniverse

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WHO AM I? : HOW TO FIND MYSELF Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Who am I really I Am venial and i am nobody I am here for releasing thoughts

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