The Freedom To Dance – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Animal sanctuary at Flynn, Alice Springs, NT. wrens skittering along. “Wrens are well known for picking up and leaving whenever they feel the need.” Bernadette King The Freedom To Dance Tiny, delicate, insignificant wrens, skittering oblivious past our feet, dancing, looking for crumbs ∽ of excitement leading to life ∼ which they unwittingly offerContinue reading “The Freedom To Dance – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon”

Shiv Lingam

Lord Shiva is known as the Lord of Lords and even other Hindu Gods try to plead Lord Shiva with mantras. Lord Shiva is worshiped in two forms – The Shiva Lingam and the statue form.All across India, and in many Hindu communities around the world, nightlong vigils are observed in honor of Lord Shiva.Continue reading “Shiv Lingam”

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