Stargazing or Why is Twitter thriving? | by Dan Faltesek | May, 2021

Four months ago, when Former President Trump was finally removed from the Twitter platform, the question of the day: how will Twitter survive with out it’s biggest attraction, the star that makes it day right than night? The answer was yes. The stock performed much better right away and four months later, clearly they are… Read…Continue reading “Stargazing or Why is Twitter thriving? | by Dan Faltesek | May, 2021”

A Scooter Story

I’ve a strange connection with this scooter, the scooter remind me the scripture of Hinduism and very fine art illustration and the most important things, that i faced when i capture this image, next day the scooter had been removed permanently from this place and its vanished ….so i found that i was the lastContinue reading “A Scooter Story”

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