Universe Is like A Universal Smartest Man “Dead Body”Alive With Billions Of Working Atoms…

#universe Is like A Universal Smartest Men “Dead Body”Alive With Billions Of Working #Atoms we called It #brain How it Feels, “Hello Guys You’re Conscious , , , , , , @iamvenialthenobody #universal #atom #brain #quotes #science #nurons #design #creator #dead #alive View this post on Instagram A post shared by VenialTheNobody (@iamvenialthenobody)

Spring Meditation

Peace draws close to a quiet heart, a heart willing to listen and receive. What is your spirit telling you? Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed Note: I will be taking a blogging break, to work on some projects. I will be reading your beautiful posts again on Wednesday. I’ll be sharing some

The Freedom To Dance – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Animal sanctuary at Flynn, Alice Springs, NT. wrens skittering along. “Wrens are well known for picking up and leaving whenever they feel the need.” Bernadette King The Freedom To Dance Tiny, delicate, insignificant wrens, skittering oblivious past our feet, dancing, looking for crumbs ∽ of excitement leading to life ∼ which they unwittingly offerContinue reading “The Freedom To Dance – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon”

Stargazing or Why is Twitter thriving? | by Dan Faltesek | May, 2021

Four months ago, when Former President Trump was finally removed from the Twitter platform, the question of the day: how will Twitter survive with out it’s biggest attraction, the star that makes it day right than night? The answer was yes. The stock performed much better right away and four months later, clearly they are… Read…Continue reading “Stargazing or Why is Twitter thriving? | by Dan Faltesek | May, 2021”

Black And White Fountain

Find me on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest Black And White Closeup Wordless Wednesday The Sea Takes Its Toll Rules Are Rules Stepping Into Deep Water The post Black And White Fountain appeared first on My Black and White World. Black And White Fountain

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