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Perfection kills you mentally !

Whatever has happened, has happened for good. Whatever is happening, is happening for good.
Whatever will happen, shall also happen for good What have you lost, that you cry for? What did you bring, that you lost? What did you create, that was distroyed? You came empty handed, and will go empty handed.
whatever is yours today, was somebody else’s yesterday, and will be somebody else’s tomorrow

A Strange Observation
Gangotri Greens


The Chardham Camp (Harsil)
The Chardham Camp at Harsil is a deluxe tented accommodation by Leisure Hotels and situated at a beautiful location near the Harsil town on the way to famous pilgrimage Gangotri in Uttarakhand. The camp is surrounded by the majestic mountain peaks, valleys and Bhagirathi river that make the atmosphere so pleasant and refreshing to relax in. The camp provides all the basic and leisure facilities for the tourists such as a premium tented accommodation with ensuite washrooms, delicious vegetarian food, guided trekking, ayurvedic massage, religious discourse, bonfire everyday, sightseeing arrangements, travel assistance and lot more for the comforts and convenience of tourists.The camp is an ideal choice for the pilgrims to the Gangotri Dham with its suprior services and warm hospitality in the cool and pleasant atmosphere.

Shiv Lingam
Shiv Lingam

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